Submission open for ESA' s Moon Camp Discovery

This is the beginners level of the Moon Camp Challenge. Become a space engineer and take part in the future of Moon exploration by designing one component of a Moon base. The teams can submit their Moon Camp Discovery project until 31st January 2020.

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Universities are called to apply for the 2020 Concurrent Engineering Challenge

ESA is looking for three universities from ESA Member States which would like to participate with their students in the fourth ESA Academy Concurrent Engineering Challenge. 

This Challenge will be organised by the ESA Education Office in collaboration with ESA’s Systems and Concurrent Engineering Section. The event will last five days, from 8:30 to 18:30 CET and take place during the last quarter of 2020 depending on the availability of the selected universities.

The ESA Academy Concurrent Engineering Challenge 2020 will feature four groups of 20-30 University students at Master or PhD level. A first group will be selected, at a later stage, by ESA to participate from ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility. The three others groups will be identified by the universities after summer and will participate from their respective Concurrent Engineering Facilities (CEFs).

Each group will be supervised by two local systems engineers and will be given, at the start of the Challenge, the same space mission to design within five days. Students in each group will be divided into small teams of two or three to cover the following disciplines: 

  • structures, 

  • configuration, 

  • power, 

  • mechanisms,

  • thermal,

  • attitude and orbit control, 

  • propulsion, 

  • trajectory analysis, 

  • communications and data handling. 


Students within each small team will design their subsystem using the Concurrent Engineering approach with the objective of complying with the mission requirements and prove feasibility. 

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